Silvia Otte

Silvia Otte is a German-born photographer. She studied photography at the Bavarian State Academy for photography in Munich from 1987-1989. After earning her degree in 1989 she moved to New York City, where she lived and worked for 15 years on her fine art, as well as a freelance portrait and travel photography for numerous magazines, record companies and various other commercial clients. She moved back to her native Germany in 2005, where she continues her pursuits in experimental photography, working on different fine art series like “Noise”, “Quality of Rest”, “Lying in your Absence”, “Organica” and most recently “Arbores”.

Driven by her interests in psychology, she went back to university and received her MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2018. She lives with her husband, her stepson and chocolate Labrador Bela in Dresden and Berlin.

All images Copyright Silvia Otte. Signed, Limited Edition Fine Art prints available, please contact Anthony for details.

Organica Collection

Perception and interpretation of one’s reality differs immensely from one human to another. In the 1920s Hermann Rorschach developed the famous and yet controversial Rorschach or ink blot test which was designed as a personality test. The assumption was and is that inferences about a person’s subconscious can be made by analyzing a person’s response to ambiguous stimuli, e.g. irregular and symmetric mirrored ink blots. Silvia employed this technique of mirroring images of organic matter, making use of the pleasing properties that the resulting symmetry has to offer. The viewer is invited to dream up and discover non-existing and equivocal Organica.

Quality of Rest

In the absence of light, human use and interaction, Silvia has been exploring urban landscapes at night for over 25 years. Like the ability of rod cells in our eye, which adjust to lightlessness over time, she attempts through long time exposures to alter the darkness and discover its secrets which lay within.  

Arbores Collection

Artist Statement. The images for the ongoing project ‘Arbores’ depict trees in different stages of maturity and season. According to the WWF, each year 18.7 million acres of forests are lost, which equates to 27 soccer fields every minute. The causes for global deforestation are multifactorial, from climate change, clear-cutting for agriculture, logging, mining and overpopulation. Although the Amazon, forests in Borneo and the Greater Mekong area are with their vast sizes, large scale deforestation plans are of special concern when it comes to sustaining a plethora of species on this planet, so are smaller forests closer to home, soaking up carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. 

This inspired Silvia to create images of trees, layered and mirrored in postproduction, as an extension of her wish to discover newness in something as familiar and as close to home as the trees we see everyday. Due to her restricted mobility associated with Multiple Sclerosis, Silvia is unable to travel, nevertheless she hopes to increase awareness about the preciousness and frailty of forests by showing their delicate elegance and mesmerizing beauty.

Lying in Your Absence